Informamuse 10 October 2018


We offer the techological expertize of the Consortium for your future projects 

We can elevate the quality of your services by using our technological partners and offer innovative services with an high degree of security, transparency and reliability

Plans and Services

Being a Consortium partner gives you to advantage of using the expertize of our members. 

Our offer?

  1. Being a free tester for a limited amount of time. You will try the technology to understand the potential and the possibility to easily create  new and complex ecosystems.
  2.  Become a member. In this way you will have the possibility to develop your applications and innovative projects to strengthen real world cases with blockchain technologies and to have a decisive competitive advantage. 
Blockchain Infrastructure
Member dashboard
Customer care and Networking
Testing environment
System Assistance
Software Assistence
50000 Token [500€]
Revenue share

Additional services

The potential of the Blockchain technologies is endless so there is no a unique and comprehensive offer. we have different solutions and services to be adjusted and offer the value proposition that better matches your specific needs.

Node installation on the cloud
Installation of a blockchain node on a cloud computing environment
On premise node installation
Installation of a blockchain node on customer
Smart Contracts creation
Smart contracts definition, development, and release on blockchain
API development
API definition for particular workflows
API Integration for payments
API development for payments integration using main cryptocurrencies
Specialized training
Specialized training on all the aspects related to blockchain based app development

Try out our certification system

The InformAmuse POC was designed to test the certification of ownership of a good or document on the Blockchain Meditchain using Smart Contracts.

What to use it for? To certify documents, to manage theprocessing of personal data, to protect the intellectualproperty or to trace the supply chain. The POC is a tool that allows you to test the truthfulness of thesystem and then apply it in your business model.