Informamuse 26 October 2018

Network Features

The permissioned network for the Business world

Why to choose permissioned network

The permissioned Meditchain Network is owned by the consortium that controls and decides who can take part in the network.The nodes of our network know each other and trust one another, so we do not need any more consensus algorithms. In addition, we have entrusted the system of approval for the insertion of new data to a limited number of authorized members, named Trusted. With permissioned networks, the transaction ecosystem is more controlled and the obligation to comply with specific rules of conduct makes them more suitable for the Business world.

Advantages of the Mediterranean Network

Block cryptography
No tempering possible
Distributed Ledger
Every node has his ledger copy
Permissioned Blockchain
Limited and controlled participation
No Mining
Green and quick
Encrypted data are decentralized making consistent copies owned by many parties
Smart Contract
Algorithm execution with redundancy
Warranty of coherence and impartiality
Nodes supervise the ececution of smart contracts
Node channels
Communication in a subset of nodes
Multiple applications in the same network
Simultaneous execution of different smart contracts
Disaster Recovery
Every encrypted copy can be restored at any given time