Informamuse 10 October 2018

Meditchain Network

The progress is the only way to changes

la rete meditchain

Involved Technology

The Meditchain network is a Permissioned Blockchain made with Hyperledger Fabric, a collaborative and open source project led by Linux Foundations. Exploiting the characteristics of the Permissioned networks, Meditchain defines the network access only to enabled nodes and allows to write and read the Ledger only to authorized nodes.

The main advantage of this type of Blockchain is the presence of a control authority, the Meditchain Consortium, which decides who can do what.

Among other advantages, the network is easily scalable and does not have the computational burden of mining. The Meditchain network allows its members to become an organization that can operate within the network, to use a blockchain test network, to access a confidential control panel summarizing the activities carried out on the network and to be able to implement Smart Contracts.