Informamuse 29 October 2018


Efficiency, innovation and cybersecurity with the Mediterranean blockchain


Currently, the internationally-surveyed projects that exploit the potential of Blockchain technology are 331 and involve banks, insurances, manufacturing companies, media. The projects with the highest rate of growth are centred on the tracking of the Supplychain (20.3% of the total, + 557%) and on the management of the data and the documents (19.3% with a growth of + 350%).

Areas of application of the Mediterranean blockchain

Public Administration

Solution to digitize and simplify bureaucracy

pubblica amministrazione
  • Managing personal identity in the tax field
  • Finance Management
  • Votes
  • Compliance
  • Certificate Asset Management on blockchain

Bank and Finance

Solutions related to the world of digital payments.

banca e finanza
  • Monetary Exchange
  • Private Loan
  • Transfer of securities
  • P2P Payment Circuits
  • Targeted Credit services for customers
  • Counterpart Data Certification


Automatic conclusion of insurance contracts.

  • Automatic Insurance Services
  • Instant insurance policies
  • Smart contract for automatic execution of tasks
  • Distributed storage, control, and data property tracking


Solutions to certify quality Made in products

filiera agroalimentare
  • Monitor the entire product life cycle
  • Certification and traceability of the supply chain
  • Transparency of the Supply chain
  • Loyalty Programs


Solutions for the patients’ health protection

  • Clinical folder Tracking
  • Customizing medical products and Services
  • Management of medical records
  • Tracking of accounting registers
  • Direct payment of services and medications


Solutions for intellectual property and secure distribution of content

proprietà intellettuale
  • Data security, privacy and control
  • New forms of monetization on social media
  • Reduce scams in online advertising
  • Smart contract to regulate business relations