Informamuse 26 October 2018


Coordinate and share a private network of telematics nodes

meditchain aim

The nodes of this network are constituted by the same consortium members who make available their own Operative technical structures ICT (STOP) and/or delegated technical structures (STD – “On PREMISE” and/or “ON_CLOUD”). The MDC-Blockchain is a “permissioned” network, each node is connected to others through credential-based authentication issued by the same MDC Consortium.

Purpose of the Consortium

  • Administer, coordinate and share a private network of Telematic Nodes (PEER – consisting of Server Systems equipped with Open Source OS connected to the Internet) dedicated to the management of distributed Database forming the public register of Digital Transactions (the LEDGER), guaranteeing: Decentralization, Transparency, Security and Immutability of data by exploiting the concepts and principles of the Meditchain (MDC)-Blockchain;

  • Contributing to the activity of promoting sustainable development, through institutional and public actions with a technological innovation and social economic promotion in the Mediterranean area in the dissemination of the MDC- Blockchain
  • Promote and coordinate scientific research and knowledge transfer activities in the field of science and applied research in general and Blockchain specifically.

Object of the Consortium

The consortium, for the attainment of the Consortium object, will take any other initiative useful for its own purposes in conformity with the Statute, the internal regulations and the legal provisions, in particular without limitation:

  • Institute scholarships and Research.
  • Develop and/or acquire methodologies, tools, equipment, platforms and technological infrastructures.
  • Provide consultants, services and activities to national and international public and private bodies directly or through the Consortium.
  • Stipulate agreements, contracts and conventions with Research Institutions, public bodies and private foundations, companies and national and international organizations.
  • Participate in or contribute to public or private tendering and bidding or private national and international negotiations.
  • Participate in productive and commercial initiatives.
  • Demand national, European and international public funding for development and cooperation.
  • Establish their own groups (units and sections) at national and international level.
  • Participate directly in “Temporary Association of Enterprises” for the management and development of initiatives of interest.

The Consortium agreement does not in any way restrict the commercial and operational freedom of the consortium members, except as regards compliance with the obligations arising from this Statute and the deliberations adopted by the Consortium’s bodies for the attainment of the consortium purpose.