Informamuse 10 October 2018


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It was founded in 1920 with the aim to support the small and medium enterprises, families, craftsmen and the small savers of the territory in which it operates. Thanks to the attention for the territory it creates a center for the scientific information on the economic and social situation about Sicily.


ELMI was founded in 1985 and currently operates in the Information Technology sector as a System Integrator. ELMI supports private and public sector organisations, offers consulting services in the field of developing innovative IT projects and IT advanced solutions. Elmi is one of the leading System Integrators in southern Italy, services over 200 customers and cooperate With local and international technology partners to deliver best in class services.

GIGLIO.COM SRL works in the market of online distribution of luxury multi-brand clothing with particular attention to Made in Italy and its internationalization with BtC customers around the world. Every single deal is carried out through a proprietary platform that helps the customer navigate and choose the desired product among the main brands in the industry and thousands of models.


Informamuse is today a blockchain Company specializing in ICT services, structured to help Italian SMEs to develop specific projects that need to implement the blockchain technology and applications that are based on “Distributed Ledger”. In 2018 it becomes General Member of Hyperledger and thanks to the framework Hyperledger Fabric offers highly technological services in the different industrial fields open to distributed technology.

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Is a company founded in 2009 and specializes in Consultancy services for companies in general and in specific areas such as: Fintech, ICT, Marketing, assistance and development of business plans, management and corporate control. In recent years all the issues related to the world of blockchain technology, of cryptocurrencies and tokens and the development of business models based on the use of smart contract in vertical industrial sectors, have been developed and deepened.


Blockchain craftsmen. Regulatory-Compliance services with corporate and outsourcing blockchain applications tailored to customers. Rmstudio offers traditional consultancy services to financial intermediaries, banks and institutions. Nowadays, it helps to to develop new business models of blockchain economy. Specialized supports include Banking Supervision, Governance Models and Corporate Non-Financial Information.



Founded in 2005, Partitalia ranks as a manufacturer, distributor and supplier of innovative solutions and services. It produces smart cards, RFID tags and readers and develops solutions for electronic assemblies and microcircuits, electronic control systems and identification technologies.