Informamuse 10 October 2018

Meditchain Consortium

We face every present and future technological challenge

meditchain consortium

The Consortium

The Consortium has been defined in 2018 in Palermo, at the heart of the Mediterraneum sea, to develop and use Blockchain technologies.

It contributes to sustainable, economic and social developement in the mediterranean area with institutional and public actions and promotes scientific and applied research activities in general and in particular on the blockchain technology.

Meditchain is a technological instrument capable of triggering virtuous processes of social innovation within the regions that will adopt it, creating a direct link with the European Union.

The Mission

The Mission is to promote and facilitate the introduction of BlockChain technologies inside products and services offered by his associates with a potential increase of new markets and revenues.

The consortium aims to define a private network of nodes using a distributed and shared Ledger to allows  his users:

  • Decentralization
  • Transparency
  • Security
  • Data immutability

The logo


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