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blockchain del mediterraneo

What is Meditchain

It is a network, a consortium and an ecosystem with an high tecnological level able to support innovative projects at the heart of the Mediterranean sea.
All consortium members – companies, public administrations, professionals, trade associations – collaborate on the value of the blockchain Meditchain network, to exploit the benefits to them and their clients.

What is Blockchain

Blockchain is a technology that creates and manages a large distributed database, using peer-to-peer protocol, for managing shareable transactions across multiple network nodes.
Blockchain Technology was born for transactions but today it is a source of inspiration and experimentation in many fields and it revolutionized the concepts of trust and value.

blockchain network

Discover with us the advantages of the Meditchain network

Block cryptography
No tempering possible
Permissioned Blockchain
Limited and controlled participation
Smart Contracts
Algorithm execution with redundancy

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